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Commercial Carpet Cleaners: What You Need to Know

Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Offices, Hospitality, Health and Educational Buildings Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

There's clean. And then there's CleanDry clean. 

At CleanDry, we take great pride in helping you maintain a cleaner, healthier home.
That's why in addition to our revolutionary carpet cleaning service we offer a full line of equally innovative and effective Professional Home Care Products. 

We use a powerful combination of technology and science to help keep your carpets looking fresh and healthy. Our products include everything from stain removers to deodorizers and disinfectants.

Managed Contracts

CleanDry 1st Choice specialises in Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, providing excellent service throughout the City and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We offer more than just cleaning, we provide a professionally managed contract with committed customer care, a locally based network of highly skilled staff and outstanding value for money.

Limited Disruption

The CleanDry 1st Choice process is ideally suited to the commercial and retail environment. Our system is unique, using a hot carbonating solution most carpets are dry in 1-2 hours, causing as little inconvenience as possible within the business environment. This is in complete contrast to steam clean carpet Sydney services which can leave your carpet wet for and smelly for longer periods of time.

Prolonged Life

The cleaning process is gentle and effective making the carpet stay cleaner for longer and prolonging its life.

Customer Service

CleanDry's aim is "To provide unsurpassable service to all our clients", and to work in partnership with Australian businesses to help you achieve your aims. Our success is built upon a unique cleaning and restoration system, central Customer Care Centre handling, and the largest network of highly qualified, skilled trained technicians in the City and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We think of ourselves as an extension of your business. 

Within our Head Office operation we aim to provide a fast, effective and customer-focused service to meet your needs.

Highly Trained Operators

Each job that we receive from you, our customer, is validated in our Customer Care Centre and is then passed to the nearest, most qualified operative from our team to manage. Our operators are trained to the industry's highest standards in carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal, antimicrobial, water damage and other insurance related services.

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